Friday, October 23, 2009

First Appointment

We met with Andrea, one of my three midwives today for the first appointment. I am officially due June 6th. We talked about morning sickness, and I got a few pointers, so now I have a few new things to try out. It was fun to bring Oliver and have everyone see him so grown up! My favorite midwife, who was a student when I was pregnant with Ollie, is a licensed midwife at the Birth Center now, and our next appointment is with her. I am already really excited, especially since she delivered Ollie! Andrea said it was too early to hear the heartbeat, so we will do that at the next appointment, as well as a blood draw....:( I have to start preparing now, so that I dont freak out! But besides that news, it was a great appointment, and hopefully I can start doing belly pictures soon, once I find the other batteries that go in my camera. My life is totally consumed with food at the moment, since I am getting sick if I dont eat every 30 mins or so, and just feel queasy the rest of the time. Sigh. It's exhausting, but I just remind myself of the beautiful baby in the making.

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