Monday, September 27, 2010

Hats, Babies and Wedding Dresses

I am doing another consignment sale which starts this Thursday night. Only, this time its twice as big, so I have been knitting in every spare moment I have. I am also working on pictures of what I have made so I can add all the winter inventory to my shop once the sale is over.

Eva the supermodel:

The babies' heights and weights were checked today. Ollie is 31.8lbs and 35" tall. Eva is 13.14lbs and 24 inches long. They are growing kiddos! Eva is trying really hard to roll from back to tummy. Ollie is saying new words every day, and with minimal help can count to 30. Yup, 30. He also knows his letters and colors.

Ben is going back to school starting on Thursday. This quarter he will be at school four days a week, so I am trying to mentally prepare for next couple months, doing 12-13 hour days on my own.

In other random news, I participated in another Trash the Dress session. The photographers were fellow mamas who have their own photography businesses. We had SO much fun. We ran around downtown Seattle and even got in the fountain in our dresses.

Phew. So things have been busy. More to come soon :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Picture Update

I've been really busy the last couple weeks preparing for a consignment sale event that I was able to have a booth at, which was last weekend. It went really well, and was soooo nice to have a bit of extra money. So of course I had to search out another one since it went so well, and this one is three days instead of just one. So, I am already starting my fall/ winter line. I tried to get Ollie to model for me and this is the result: He wasnt pleased.

Eva, on the other hand, is the smiliest, most content little Bean. She has so much personality in her little self, and gets compliments wherever we go!
This was so funny, I just had to share. I think this is from him seeing the midwife use the doppler on my belly when I was pregnant! At least they are playing together, right?