Wednesday, April 28, 2010

34 week update

On Sunday we went to Golden Gardens park in Seattle to do maternity pictures with my friend and amazing photographer, Justine. So far I have only seen the teasers on her blog, but I love them SO MUCH! She is also going to be taking pictures at Eva's birth. We had such a great time, and the weather was perfect. They even got me into the ocean in my swimsuit! It was also Ollie's first time to an actual beach, with sand that wasnt in a sandbox. He loved it! Cant wait to go back!

I also had an appointment with our midwife Andrea, last week. Everything still looks good, and baby is REALLY low. They always feel my belly to see what position she is in, and I was informed that the part that I thought was her head, is actually her shoulders! Yikes, she is ready to come out! I am hoping this means a fast labor is coming... :)

Also, Ollie is learning his letters, and I hope to have a video posted of that soon. Its so cute! And he is such a smartie (like his daddy, of course!).

Here are a few of the pictures from Sunday, and the link to the blog if you want to see more!
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Monday, April 12, 2010

32 Weeks

Almost there!
I got my glucose test results at my last appt, and everything looks good! Big relief. I also met a new student midwife who I really liked. She was cracking up at how much Eva moves. People are always asking me if I can feel her moving, but it was fun to have the midwives see just how much :) She is a strong girl! I also talked more with them about trying again for a water birth, and they think I have a really good chance this time, because second labors are so much faster.

We had a busy weekend, visiting with Kathryn and "Ga-Ga" (that's what Ollie calls Mom). The first thing I heard on the monitor this morning when he woke up was "Ga-Ga? Ga-Ga?" So cute! Ollie also got another haircut, and he looks so grown up now. He is learning a new word literally every day. Its crazy! We are, of course, very proud of him :) Here are my belly pics and Ollie eating his breakfast with the plastic spatula from his play kitchen.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

31 Weeks and Easter Weekend!

We had a really busy weekend with family and friends, celebrating Easter! Ollie did so well going to all the different places, but today he is a total grump :) Oh well.

Sunday was also the beginning of the 8th month of pregnancy for me! Yahoo! Almost there!