Friday, January 28, 2011

Dear Eva,

Tomorrow you will be 8 months old. These have been the fastest 8 months of my life. You are growing and learning so fast! You have two cute little bottom teeth, with two more coming thru on either side of them, and two more on the top. You wave and clap. You smile at everyone, especially your big brother, who you adore. And he every morning, and after every nap he says "Eva!" when he sees you, and runs to you to give kisses and hugs. He says, "Hi Eva, I'm Ollie."

You are crawling, sitting up on your own, eating solid foods. You love sweet potatoes and pears. You are very attached to Mama, and cry if you can't see me, even for a minute. Unless Daddy is home, then you are very content. This morning you learned to climb the stairs! You pull up on everything and love to stand up and hold on to things.

You love to look (and chew on) books, legos, and small pieces of paper that somehow you keep finding, and then I have to take away. You sleep in your own bed now, but I had to take out your beautiful bumpers because you sleep with your face in them. Maybe when you get bigger I will put them back.

You are are so smart and happy. We love you so so much, but please, stop growing so fast!


  1. What a beautiful letter to your beautiful daughter. How sweet the relationship that she and Oliver already have!! Lots more fun to come!