Friday, December 11, 2009

Second Trimester!

I have officially made it through the torture of the first trimester! Never again! Here is what's going on in the land of pregnancy:

I am starting to actually feel pregnant now, and not just barfy all the time. I still throw up every morning, but as long as I keep eating all. day. long. the nausea is manageable.

I am addicted to milk. I cant get enough. We go through almost a gallon a day. :)

Also, I crave orange juice all the time! But I dont drink it because it doesnt go well with all the milk I drink. I have heard from a lot of other moms of girls that this was a craving they had too.....hmm.

Sciatic nerve pain has started, but not too bad. At least this time I know what to do to help it!

Ollie is getting so big that it is hard to carry him with the growing belly- he puts too much pressure on it. We are using the stroller and shopping carts more than ever! He says "mama" all the time now, and likes to poke my belly button, which is already sticking out a little. When Ben is at work he says "Dada car?" and points out the window. Sometimes when I tell him Daddy is at work, he waves at the window. He is also completely in LOVE with his grandma and gets so excited when she comes over. He cuddles her and gives lots and lots of kisses! It is so sweet!

I think I may have felt little baby flutters, but I am not getting too excited until I know for sure. Our next midwife appt is on the 29th, and I get the paperwork to make my ultrasound appt! It will be sometime in January!

I am also SO excited for Christmas this year. Ollie loves all the Christmas decorations when we go out, and points out all the Santas ( and says "doggy" which he says for almost everything :) ) Hopefully everyone will be coming to our house again on Christmas morning. Yippee!

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