Wednesday, January 20, 2010

20 Weeks and Nursery Obsession

I thought this was pretty cool; the picture on the top is Baby Girl and the picture on the bottom is Oliver. They are going to look very similar, I think!

And 20 week belly pictures! She is VERY busy in there!

Wow, pregnancy has really kicked into gear. We have movement and nausea and cravings and aches/pains! Every cliche' pregnancy thing you can think of, just short of pickles and ice cream. Oh wait, the ice cream part is true. Hehehe. I blame Ben for that, he keeps bringing it home, and then I HAVE to eat it, of course.

The nursery room got emptied out yesterday, and I found some paint in the garage that will be great (same tan/beige as the downstairs). I have so many plans, but am waiting for more hats to sell before I can put any of them into action! I did order some fabric last week, tho. I am just not into all the super girly/ flowery/ pink and brown that's out there for girls, so I am making my own design! I got a bumper from Value Village ($2!) that I am going to cover with this fabric, and also recover some pillows that go on the brown couch that is going in the room too. I have sheer white curtains to use, and am going to re-use Ollie's changing table, just paint it white. There is a matching crib that I keep seeing on Craigslist for great prices, so once I get some money, I will get the matching crib. I cant wait! Can you picture it?
Here is the fabric sample:

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  1. I love the nursery fabric you are so much like your mama..she has always been a great seamstress!