Saturday, August 7, 2010

Busy busy.

Such is the life of a mama of a toddler. Go, go, go. Ollie seems to have endless energy, and he is really starting to play on his own- getting out his coloring books and crayons, taking things from the "big kitchen" and taking them to his own play kitchen to cook. He builds with legos and drives race cars. And then we eat, then we nap. Then after naptime, Daddy gets home and he runs to the door to meet him, asking me "Daddy home? Daddy home?" This is our day-to-day life, and I feel like I am starting to get the hang of it with two little ones, to the point that we can change it up, and go have outings and playdates again.

But in all my spare time I am knitting! Why? Because my shop is starting to pick up again now that people are starting to think about fall. But more importantly (for now), I am selling in a BIG fair that is part consignment sale and part boutique sale. Anything and everything for babies and mamas will be there, and I am so excited to have a booth. I feel like I have really found something I love to make in the longies. These are knit pants for babies who wear cloth diapers, or ones that just love some cute pants! They are so much fun, and I can't wait to participate in a sale that is geared towards my exact target audience! For all you mamas and mamas-to-be who are local, it is called the Bumps and Babies Fair, hosted by the owner of the Roosevelt Alehouse in Seattle, and will take place at the restaurant on Sunday August 29th. Here's the Facebook page for more info:!/BumpsAndBabiesFair?ref=ts

Anyway, that is what is currently consuming my life, other than my children :) In baby news, Eva had her two month check up and got her first shots. She hasnt grown much in the last month, but is up to 11 lbs 6 oz. She is still about the same height as last month, and her head is just a little bit bigger. Everything is perfectly healthy. She loves to have tummy time and has great strength. Even her pediatrician was impressed! She also loves to try and roll over, but once she gets over, she gets upset and wants to go back to her tummy. Ollie loves to lay on the floor with her, and they have started having little conversations.

Here are the latest documentations of our daily adventures:

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  1. Love Ollie and Eva! We need to get together again soon.