Saturday, August 13, 2011


We have been so busy so far this month, between play dates, house projects and me getting ready for the next Bumps and Babies Fair. I am almost ready, just need to do a few more bear hats and then put all the tags on, and I'll be set. In the mean time, we had time for a fun bath in the newly redecorated "kid" bathroom, plus I have Kathryn's really nice camera since I borrowed it to take pictures at a friend's wedding. Of course right when the sun came through the window at the perfect angle, and they were playing so well, the camera battery died. But I did manage to get a few cute ones.

I also used it to take a few pictures of O and E modelling my hats.

On a more serious note, Ollie is going to a specialist soon to have his eyes checked out. We are pretty certain that he has some form of strabismus (like lazy eye). When he looks at something within reading distance, one of his eyes drifts towards the inside and he looks sort of cross-eyed. We feel like he is starting to notice it too, because he will squint etc to see things. Its tough to even think about something being not right with your child, but hopefully we will have some kind of information soon. Just trying to not over- think it for now.


  1. Adorable pictures. The last one of Eva is too cute. Maxwell has a lazy eye. I don't know what if it would meet an actual diagnosis, but one of his eyes gets a little funky, especially when he's tired. Now we kind of laugh about it, but I understand that it's not funny when they notice and it really affects them. Our pediatrician told us to wait so we'll see...but hope it's an easy transition for him. Love you. He is so handsome.

  2. Thanks Meghan! Its interesting how hereditary it is. Hopefully I will have some good info to pass on soon.