Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Sometimes life is tough. Like right now. Ben lost his job last week. Things are going to be a lot different around here for a while.
It's definitely tough, but we will just keep trying to figure this out as we go along. Hopefully this is a blessing in disguise that will get him to his dream job a little faster then expected, since he has time to go to school full time now. We have to wait 4 weeks to find out if we can get money from unemployment, and then we will know what to do about his next job.

The kids of course have no idea. They are amazing and keep us so happy. We are so blessed to have them. Talk about sunshine on a rainy day :)

Oliver had an appointment with a pediatric opthamologist yesterday. They were amazing and he was so brave. Their whole office is geared towards kids which makes the whole thing so much easier. They said that he has strabismus in his left eye because its so hard for him to focus, plus he is farsighted. The first plan of action is to try glasses, which should keep his eye from crossing when he is focusing on something, and give the muscle a chance to strengthen. We ordered two pairs at Costco yesterday after the appointment, and hopefully they will be in soon. And of course there will be pictures. Ollie in his glasses is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen.

And more pictures:

Eva wears a hat....

Ollie favorite spot- digging in the dirt with trucks and sticks and rocks...

Summertime fun....


  1. You have the best attitude. Praying for peace for you guys as you figure everything out. It always does work you! Adorable pics and I can't wait to see Ollie in glasses!

  2. I know everything will work out, but I'm sorry you guys have to go through this! Here if you need anything.

  3. You have the right attitude Leanne, one step at a time and one day at a time! When one door closes then you are able to see the opened door waiting for you. May you continue to be hopeful. Ditto, can't wait to see photos of little Oliver in his glasses!